Being One
Beyond Time And Space
Is All There Is



March 19-24 | 26-31  &  April 2-7 | 16-21 | 23-28

Dancing Their Cosmic Play In The Vastness Of The Ocean Being Embraced By Their Immense Beauty Their Sacred Sounds And Infinite Consciousness Is Truly Healing

The first time I swam with whales and dolphins was a life changing journey into the unknown. And I must honestly admit that I was a little scared to let myself glide into the water and connect with a pod of 6 pilot whales waiting for me, of which the tallest was about 7 meters. Feeling my anxiety, a baby whale carefully approached and started swimming slowly beneath me. All I could feel was her healing energy and our immense heart connection. As if she was holding me in a bubble, nothing else existed, guiding me through the vastness of the ocean in complete peace. Recognizing in her my own divinity, my heart burst open feeling only waves of unconditional love and tears of gratitude sprang from my eyes. Being embraced by the entire pod, I could finally surrender, feeling like an innocent child full of joy and bliss. Listening to their incredible sounds and looking each other deep in the eyes, I was taken away to other dimensions, beyond time, beyond space and receiving messages beyond words

You can only experience it yourself…it is truly M A G I C

Swiming Eye To Eye
Is An Invitation To Go Deeper


Whales and dolphins are highly evolved spiritual beings and swimming with them is a beautiful invitation to go deeper inside and remember who we truly are as they show us exactly what we need, expanding our awareness, and have the ability to communicate with us telepathically. The whales and dolphins let us connect to the sacred space in our heart, where we are able to embrace all that is allowing transformation to happen and honour the divine wisdom we all carry within. Longing to live a life in gratitude for the lessons we chose to learn in this incarnation challenges us to invite all aspects of our being in each present moment and consciously meet our shadow sides, as ‘so outside, so within. By forgiving ourselves for the belief systems we created out of our deepest fears we are being reborn into the light, standing for our highest truth and holding the space for others. The whales and dolphins guide us in making this sacred connection with our soul, experiencing that all encompassing oneness which shifts our whole reality instantly and enables us to fully surrender into a life full of self love, abundance and divine miracles.

I invite you to join me on this heart opening inner journey…





Kundalini yoga, called the yoga of awareness, is a beautiful science expanding into our highest consciousness by raising the life force energy seated at the bottom of our spine. Literally hundreds of kriyas exist addressing specific topics such as our nervous and glandular systems, organs, mind and chakras. Kundalini yoga is known for its dynamic postures, heart opening mediations, powerful pranayama and soul nourishing mantras that will support us in fully integrating our sacred experiences with the whales and dolphins. In order to balance our masculine and feminine energies, I intuitively blend in slow kundalini yoga postures with long, deep, mostly seated and lying poses where gravity will help us relax into the deepest layers of our pain supported by specific breathing techniques, trigger point and meridian massage, visualisation and mind reprogramming. We will practice our yoga in a beautiful wooden shala nested between the palm trees in the garden, allowing us to play with the elements, hear the sound of the ocean and smell the incredible perfume of the frangipane flowers.

As a little side note no previous yoga experience is needed and yoga mats and pillows are available at the retreat.



Crystals are very powerful healers having been used by many ancient civilizations in their sacred rituals, ceremonies and healing temples. All having different frequencies and healing properties, crystals can touch the deepest essence of our soul by opening gateways to previous lives, divine wisdom and other dimensions. Over the years, many unique crystals have crossed my path such as trigonic record keepers, shift crystal, monatomic andaras, manifestation light crystal, Sirius soul quartz, cathedral citrine, Naica fluorite and etched Lemurian lasers. Activating your self healing capabilities, I intuitively work on many different layers using the divine energies I channel combined with an inner knowing which crystal is needed on which part of your body and what to do with it, all harmoniously supported by the deep vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls on and around your body, the meditative sound of the shamanic drum and energy releasing physical bodywork. Sitting on an ancient bed of clear quartz, Sri Lanka vibrates powerful feminine energy amplifying our yoga, meditation and healing experiences.

As a little side note in addition to the group crystal & sound healings I give, you can also book an individual session at the retreat for 60 per hour, where I advise you to wear light and comfortable clothing and drink lots of mineral water afterwards. The so-called full moon bowls I work with are being hand made in Nepal only once per month under the distinctive energies of that particular full moon and consist of the purest metals.



This Is Where it



The location of our retreat is Nilaveli, one of the most gorgeous beaches with crystal clear waters at the unspoiled north east coast of Sri Lanka. The only visitors you can expect are some cows wandering around late afternoon and us. There is a beautiful secluded spot with very peaceful energy where a new guesthouse is being built. This will be our sacred home for the retreat weeks. I will be able to provide you with more pictures in the next weeks when it is fully finished. The guesthouse will have 6 eco style wooden huts / stone cabanas, all booked for us so ultimate privacy to have the time and space to go through our own processes. The guesthouse will have a wonderful garden full of palm and papaya trees where we will be enjoying our lunches and dinners, a comfortable yoga shala with a beautiful healing room, plenty of relaxing hammocks and beach beds on a private stretch of beach where we will build bonfires, hold magical ceremonies and watch the stars at night.

As a little side note each room has a fan, a mosquito net, (beach) towels and organic hand soap. Please do bring plenty of sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat or cap, t-shirts to snorkel in, a sweater or shawl as it can be a little chilly coming out of the water, mosquito repellent, a flashlight and dried white sage to energetically clean your room.


To nourish our body, mind and soul, Sri Lanka is simply heaven with its incredibly flavorful food, exquisite teas and healing ayurvedic herbs. Choosing between more than thirty types of vegetables, mouthwatering fruits, nutritious red rice and all sorts of beans and lentils, it is a feast for our local cook to buy all ingredients fresh on the market every day and spoil us with his most delicious vegetarian dishes. In addition, our cook blends healthy fruit juices and cuts fresh king coconuts upon request and you can drink cleansing mineral water and healing (ayurvedic) herbal teas throughout the day. Breakfast is served on the boat and there is always plenty of fruit on board. In order to get the most out of our retreat, we abstain from using any alcohol, sugar, coffee, black tea, meat, fish, eggs and cow milk products.

As a little side note our cook uses organic virgin coconut oil and as many other organic products as are available at any time, cooks gluten free and refrains from using any msg.


Each of the 5 retreats has only six spots available and will be hosted in English, Dutch or a combination of the two. Though there will be room to deviate from the program if group energy requires, we will generally work from the outline Below . . .

I will be welcoming you on Sunday at 3:00pm and the retreat will end on Friday after lunch at 3:00pm. This leaves us with five early mornings starting at 6:00am with the always magic sunrise on the boat and being only moments away from meeting playful spinner dolphins and, if they invite us into the water, swimming with incredibly peaceful blue, sperm, pilot and bryde whales. Breakfast is served on the boat and we will have lunch back at our guesthouse at 2:00pm. You will then have all the time for yourself until 6:00pm when we will journey deep into yoga and meditation, crystal & sound healing or a sacred ceremony, followed by a well deserved dinner at 7:30pm. After dinner you are free to spend the evenings as you like, where you can treat yourself on a crystal & sound healing session starting at 9:00pm.

As a little side note we have a fast and modern boat with a wide sunscreen, gps and new life jackets and snorkel equipment on board, And, most important, our English-speaking boatsman holds all necessary boat and technical certifications available for this boat. The opportunity to swim with whales in the wild is dependent on their invitation and ocean conditions permitting. So although I have been able to share these beautiful moments in the past, I will not be able to guarantee these 100%. Unfortunately, the retreat is not suitable for anyone with a physical or mobility disability.



Evie was born in the Netherlands in 1973 and as young as she was, she already had this enchanting openness, a kind of playfulness coming from deep inside, connecting to everyone straight from the heart. Despite all the lessons she had to go through ever since, Evie’s love and gratitude for life has only grown deeper, especially after her parents unexpectedly passed over in 2013/14. This was the turning point and Evie decided to quit her long time career in international banking, sell her apartment and leave everything else behind to go on a spiritual journey, living a simple life.

Following her heart, showing her vulnerability and trusting the universe that she would be carried at all times led her to the most sacred places in the Himalayas in India, Sri Lanka, Koh Phangan in Thailand, Bali, Nepal, the Andes mountains in Peru and the Bolivian sun and moon islands on lake Titicaca. Performing small ceremonies at different kind of temples and working with the mountain spirits, local crystals and the whale and dolphin energies, Evie is in complete harmony with mother earth and deeply anchors the frequencies of all these places spreading them into the world throughout her healings.

Continuing her journey, Evie’s intention is to truly live from her heart, sharing her deep unconditional love for all that is and showing everyone that we are divine love ourselves. Teaching how to consciously connect and communicate with everyone who crosses our path, out of love, holding space for each other. Making soul contact and just be, recognizing the beauty in everyone and daring to feel bare naked in facing our fears, as everyone is a mirror, everyone has a message, and our challenge in this very moment is to receive that message, without judgment, realizing that we all are divinely perfect as we are.

Evie took her first kundalini yoga class in 2009 and was blown away by its powerful impact. Supported by different spiritual teachers that suddenly appeared on her path, Evie gradually discovered her natural gifts to intuitively work with divine energies, crystals and playing the Tibetan singing bowls and shamanic drum combining these into a very deep and powerful activation of our own self healing capabilities. Longing to go deeper into the medicine part of kundalini yoga, Evie finished the Level I Teacher Training in 2012 and the Kundalini Yoga Therapy Training (a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, kundalini yoga, meditation, mantras and numerology) in 2013. During her journey, Evie received a certificate for a twenty hour Kerala style ayurvedic massage course in India and a two day singing bowl therapy workshop in Nepal. In Koh Phangan, Evie attended four tantra heart meditation workshops and in Peru she made her own shamanic drum and was taught different rituals by a female shaman.